The 4GRAIN® Difference

4GRAIN®eggs come from hens fed a wholesome diet, enhanced with Vitamin E and derived from wholesome grains and legumes like corn, wheat, flax, canola and/or soybeans. Our eggs come from local farms that observe only the highest standards of taste and quality. We never add hormones*, antibiotics or animal by-products to our vegetarian diet. The result is a great-tasting egg that delivers high-quality protein, is a good source of Vitamin E, and contains 200 mcg of Lutein and 125 mg of Choline. With 4GRAIN® you can enjoy eggs that are delicious and nutritious at an attractive price!

*No hormones are approved for use with laying hens

Our Products

4GRAIN® offers a variety of different products. From Wholesome to Cage-Free to Omega-3, 4GRAIN® gives you the choice to pick which variety is best for you and your family! To view all 4GRAIN® available products, visit our products page here!

Where to buy

You can find 4GRAIN® eggs in the egg section of dairy cases in select grocery stores across the country.